The Curse Of Ambition Pt.2

There was a bigger idea that I was hoping to make with my previous post, “The Curse Of Ambition” that was lost as I elaborated on another point. The idea is what I believe to be the true curse of being an ambitious person.

There is this excitement that goes along with a mind full of ideas. Like a child thinking of the endless possibilities of “What do I want to be when I grow up?” we can also feel that excitement when a light bulb goes off above our heads. I often find myself coming up with a good idea, buying a domain name for the idea, and usually leaving the idea sit there on the shelf. Either way, there is this excitement of what that idea could some day become, the next step would be carrying out the idea.

But what I want to pinpoint is the obvious pros of being so ambitious, but also many of the cons. The first con that comes to mind is being in an environment where others could roll their eyes at your ambition, as if ideas are only for children, and adulthood is about consistency and safety. Boredom is about consistency and safety. The possibility of boredom should hold some amount of weight in choosing what path you take your career.

But the acknowledgment of boredom leads to the big curse of ambition. What if the truth is that the really ambitious people may never be truly happy where they are? Sure, there will be plenty of exciting moments, but we may never find ourselves saying “This is exactly what I want to do every day for the rest of my life.” Because the next idea is always in their head, waiting to be pursued.

I believe that there is a way to balance a life of ambition. Maybe the answer to is to stay consistently ambitious, and know that you will always be trying new things throughout your life, and learn to be okay with that. It doesn’t mean that previous ventures need to be fully abandoned, only that we should be getting into the habit of regularly breathing new life into our work, to always be finding new, exciting ways of using our talents. I think it’s only right to at least make a decent attempt at every interest that we think we could succeed at.

Many American clones will steer you in a much more boring direction, and we’ll always have to fight that. I just want to look back on my life, and know that I stayed excited. I doubt I will look back and be so proud of how safe I played it.

I hope the new year holds new ventures and new possibilities. I’m anxious to see the next chapter.



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