Video from Thread’s Not Dead Hardcover Release

Click the image below to see this rad video from the Thread’s Not Dead hardcover book signing that I took part in a while back. Buy the book now from Amazon!

Video from Thread's Not Dead hardcover release.

The Curse Of Ambition Pt.2

There was a bigger idea that I was hoping to make with my previous post, “The Curse Of Ambition” that was lost as I elaborated on another point. The idea is what I believe to be the true curse of being an ambitious person.

There is this excitement that goes along with a mind full of ideas. Like a child thinking of the endless possibilities of “What do I want to be when I grow up?” we can also feel that excitement when a light bulb goes off above our heads. I often find myself coming up with a good idea, buying a domain name for the idea, and usually leaving the idea sit there on the shelf. Either way, there is this excitement of what that idea could some day become, the next step would be carrying out the idea. Continue reading 

The Curse of Ambition Pt.1

The gift of a constant stream of ambition is one that I’ve been so lucky to have been given. I’ve always had an idea, and then found myself bound and determined to achieve that goal, or at least to give it my best try, and have a lot of fun in the pursuit. Either in the pursuit, or in the success of completion, we are fulfilled by simply being immersed in what we sought out to do.

In remembering the ambitious ventures that I’ve went after throughout my life, I’m realizing that there was one other factor that allowed me to pursue such endeavors with such vigor, and reckless abandon – necessary, in some amount, to actually achieve any amount of success. That factor, I’m now realizing, was that I had nothing to lose. Continue reading 

Euphonic Posters

Just signed and numbered a batch of screen printed posters that I designed for Euphonic Masters. Big ups to Josh Horton for putting the whole project together, and Ryan at Kangaroo Press for the wonderful prints.

My Office

I’m always curious to see designers’ studios and offices. We spend so much time here, and I have to believe that these environments somehow influence our aesthetic. In the spirit of my own curiosity, I’ve decided to post a few photos of the room I spend most of my life in. This is my home office.

Thread’s Not Dead: Launch Party

Jeff Finley has put together Thread’s Not Dead, a comprehensive guide to the apparel industry, and the book will launch tomorrow in hard cover! I’ll be up at the Book Launch Party at Visible Voice Books in Cleveland. If you’re in the area, come stop by and say hello. Or buy the book in hardcover online!

I’m honored to be among the artists featured in the book, as I contributed a few pages with some of my thoughts on the industry.



Huge thanks to HOW Magazine for including me in their Top 10 Websites For Designers for the month of August. What a great way to start a month!

How 10

Quick Words from WMCFEST

Big thanks to Nathan Weller for this video interview. Read the full post at Abduzeedo.

Shark Week!

Shark Week starts July 31st. Better get one of these tees, so you’re ready!

Shark Week! Tee

My Credo

I’ve been lucky enough to do what I love for a living. I’m hard at work because I’m busy doing the thing I love to do the most – be creative and make things. Over time, there are moments when my favorite thing to do starts looking a little bit like tedious work, and it’s up to me to step back and re-evaluate what I’m are doing, if we’re passionate about it, and what steps I can take to ensure that I stay passionate.

The last month or so has been one of those moments. In a way, it feels like a rebirth. Being passionate about what I’m doing has now become thee priority in my work. I’m reading books about staying passionate, and about working better and more efficiently, so that I can concentrate on doing what I love. Ever since the first time I was asked “What do you want to be when you grow up?” and I answered “ artist,” I have been determined to make sure that hope became a reality. Not only did I want to be an artist, I wanted to be someone who was excited about their life, and excited about their work. Then I boiled my life’s goal down to one simple sentence; Live Up To Your Own Expectation.

I intended on living out that simple statement.

Thanks to Anne at Six Word Story Every Day for the post.