First Look at WMC Fest Goods

I’ve been waiting a whole year to get back up to Cleveland for this years Weapons Of Mass Creation 3. WMC Fest is a rare chance for designers like myself to connect with other designers, and finally put faces to some of the names we hear in the design community. It’s going to be a great weekend. As a Gold Sponsor of WMC Fest this year, I’ll have a table set up with a bunch of stuff to sell. Posters, Mini Prints, Stickers, Buttons, and even the very first pressing of The Racing Machetes line of shirts. I cannot wait to see you all up there, and to talk shoppe with so many creatives.

Here’s thee first look at what I’ll be hauling up to Cleveland.

Updates To The Site

So we added a few little upgrades to the site, many have been going live during this past week. I want to thank the talented Ben Albaugh for developing out all of these new features, Ben is a web ninja, and I’m happy to have him on my team.

Please take a stroll around the site. New features include a client list, a revamped profile page, random work thumbnails on the main page (which allows some old work to step back into the spotlight), a dribbble module in the sidebar, a reworked twitter module, and a more stable server in general.

Thanks for stopping by.

Purchase Pinchflat

Had a great time at the Pinchflat opening this past Saturday. You can purchase my print here:

Printed by the fine folks at Vahalla Studios. Sized 20×16. Signed and numbered. Here’s proof.

Skrillex’s OWSLA Logo

I’ve been lucky enough to design a lot of work for a lot of musicians. I often create this work, send it off, and never really get to see it’s life span. But when you’re able to create something that people truly appreciate, and sometimes even obsess over, it’s one of the most rewarding accomplishments any graphic designer can experience.

I’ve been doing doing design here and there for many of Skrillex‘s previous musical ventures, so naturally, when I was asked to design a logo for his new label, OWSLA, I took on the project without hesitation. After a very quick and minimal spell of revisions, the OWSLA logo was born.

I was told, via email, about how stoked Skrillex, and everyone in his camp were about the new logo. I found myself creating posters and flyers for him, often utilizing the new logo. I also watched him give an acceptance speech, as my logo, tattooed on his arm, crept out beneath his sleeve as he accepted his Grammy!

Overall, it’s been a complete joy to watch this little mark that I created get so much mileage. I’m honored to be a part of it.

Draplin Drops Knowledge

Creative mornings is a fantastic lecture series, and is put together well enough that visiting the site, and checking the videos allows you to get an experience almost as good as actually being there.

One of my favorite designers, and one hell of a human being, Aaron Draplin, did a recent lecture in Portland. I’ve had the pleasure of having a quick conversation with Draplin, but watching his lecture was one of those moments where I realize that someone else sees things the same way as I do, and that someone is on the same team as I am, when it comes to design in general.

My favorite points of his are that of humility and entitlement. People have lost the genuine excitement of “creating something cool for someone” and have tacked on ridiculous invoices and expectations. After watching Draplin’s lecture, maybe you can sit back, take a deep breath, and realize you get to create art all day, and leave it alone.

Anyway, thanks, Draplin, for spelling it out for the design world. Respect.

Poster for Pinchflat

I was excited to be asked by my friend, and extremely talented designer, Jeremy Slagle, to participate in this years Pinchflat Bicycle/Poster Show. Below is my submission for the shindig. I’ll be having the fine folks over at Vahalla Studios screen print these bad boys at a 11″x17″. If you’re in the Columbus, Ohio area, be sure to make it out to Wild Goose Creative on May 5th to see all of the wonderful prints. My poster, as well as a ton of others will be for sale.

And for all of you designers, there is still time to submit your bike-related art to the show.


Octo Draw

I’m honored to have been asked to be a part of Ferocious Quarterly. This issue’s theme is Deep Sea, Deep Space – where a deep sea image interacts with a deep space image. My assignment was to do a Deep Sea panel. While it may be unoriginal, I think the Octopus is gnarly, and I really wanted to draw one. Here is a video of my process:

Twenty Nine

I’m never too cool for some big positive statements regarding the future, and what I hope to achieve and become. Today is my twenty-ninth birthday. My twenties have been wonderful. I spent the first bit of them having the time of my life, touring and recording with my band. I got married. I moved to a new city. I bought a house, and through a quite elaborate home renovation, became the type of man that can walk through Home Depot feeling like a badass. I created a very steady and dependable freelance operation on my own, and have been able to create some work that I’m really proud of. Continue reading 

Video from Thread’s Not Dead Hardcover Release

Click the image below to see this rad video from the Thread’s Not Dead hardcover book signing that I took part in a while back. Buy the book now from Amazon!

Video from Thread's Not Dead hardcover release.