Speak The Truth

It’s easy to look at portions of a life in five and ten year increments. Many refer to their “five-year plan” or “their twenties,” etc. We often block our lives together in chunks, and it’s easiest to define ourselves by time. Because, as we’ll find out, we will change so much throughout the course of our lives.

In these final months of my twenties, I can look back at an entire decade of doing design for a living. I can remember how green and excited I was, and how new every aspect of design was for me. Around every corner was something new to create, and there was an expanse of blank canvas that I could create upon.

What I didn’t expect was how my brain would evolve. What I thought was a simple artistic profession eventually turned into quite mental and analytical work. I began noticing things in a different way. I began pulling back the layers of everything I could, hoping to reach a certain core of every subject, and finding out why things were the way they were, who people (and my clients) perceived themselves, and obsessing over smarter and more efficient ways of making work, and living life in general. My technical work quickly became only half of the job.

For the past few years, I’ve become more interested in discussing the philosophies behind design, and to share what I’ve been learning and pondering. While I hope to continue to use this blog as a method of sharing that information, I’m also very nervous and excited about embarking on a new chapter in my design career: Speaking.

While I’m no stranger to standing on a stage, in front of a bunch of people, with a microphone, I am a new to talking to an audience about design.

For years, I wanted to maintain the idea that “I don’t have anything to teach anyone,” because so much of my teenage years were spent around people who thought the opposite. Around every corner was someone telling me how to live, as if we were all these robots that lived identical lives, being supplied “One size fits all” advice. I wanted no part of it.

So, my approach will be different. Rather than give advice, I just want to share what I have learned. Every designer has their own route, each one more different than the last. So, any “one size fits all” advice will simply not be part of my schtick.

For the first time in a long time, I’ll be standing in front of a bunch of people, holding a microphone. But this will be a lot different. I am quite excited to share what’s been going on in my head. I’m excited to talk about the work that I love. I’m excited to move on to a new chapter.

I’ll keep you posted.

Rike x Los Logos 6

Pretty excited to see a few of my logos in the hardcover of Los Logos 6. Honored to be alongside such great work. Thank you Gestalten!


I am completely thrilled to be featured by Visual Supply Co, one of the coolest new collection of resources for creatives. I love the entire vibe and philosophy behind VSCO, and am honored to be asked a few interview questions for their site. Please take a look at the full interview at VSCO.

Learning To Unlearn

Despite being viewed by many as an extremely positive person, I often find myself faced by days where creativity and excitement just stops. While yesterday may have been extremely productive and positive, today may leave me frustrated, irritable, and utterly confused about who I am as a designer, and who I am as a person. If my schedule allows, I tend to use this as a signal to get out of my office, and decompress. As projects pile up, I find my big, exciting ideas for the future often getting smashed under the more immediate tasks. It leaves me stressed, and in turn, uninspired and uncreative.

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Los Logos 6

I’m very excited to have a few logos and logotypes included in the book Los Logos 6. The book should be released in mid-September.

Interview by Freelance Unleashed

Big thanks for Chris Green for interviewing me for the Freelance Unleashed website. Go check out the interview, and some of my thoughts on freelance in general.

Dark Collar Art Co.

“Doing what you love is a fight – an ongoing battle against every influence that wants you to conform. There is no solace in the conformity, only a blurred view of what you set out to be. Spend your life creating something. Betray The Institution.”

This manifesto of mine adorns every package that ships out of Dark Collar Art Co. T-Shirts, Posters, Prints, etc — this is the best way I can assure you that what you’re getting is from me, and that you can get an idea of my general point-of-view. This manifesto is the easiest way for me to sum up who I am, and who I hope to stay. Continue reading 

Introducing The Racing Machetes

The Racing Machetes Store Is Open – Go pick up some tees!

As many can assume, I’ve been intending on putting out my own t-shirt lines for quite some time. After doing thousands of designs for bands, I’ve gotten quite antsy to roll out some labels of my own. Continue reading 

Bumps on the Freelance Road

I’m not one to sulk, and I do my best to not be one to complain. I pride myself on pushing things forward, and convince myself, regularly, that my situation is ideal. There are a lot of mind tricks one must master in order to have success in self-employment, and I’ve employed plenty of them over the course of my career.

I first started getting paid regularly to design graphic tees for bands in 2002. This year marks a decade of doing this sort of work. Early on, I ran off the sheer excitement of what I was creating, and the quest to be able to create better and better work. Around every corner, there was excitement, and my eyes were continually opened to work that other designers were doing, that completely blew me away. I couldn’t get enough, and my bag of tricks was teeming with ideas that I had that I hadn’t yet worked into a project.
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