My Podcast – The Graphic Sound

This freelance graphic design career of mine has been quite a journey. In the past 14 years, I had moments of feeling completely lost, I’ve had moments of feeling completely alone, I’ve been excited out of my mind, and I’ve wanted to run my head through a wall. But looking back on all of it, it all just feels like it’s been a complete blast.

There are phases throughout my career where I am learning entirely new ideas about how I work, and why I work. Every new revelation stays a while, and I eventually move on to the next new idea. Everything I think I know about this work continues to progress. The subject on my mind one year can completely change to something else the next.

It’s all so fascinating to me.

So this passion and interest in this creative work is something that I enjoy discussing more than anything. I am always hoping to meet someone interested in discussing these topics on the level that I want to talk about them. While those participants may have been few and far between, I’ve gradually built up a passion for sharing whatever message I may have with a larger audience.

It may have started with blog posts here on this site. Then, it evolved into speaking engagements at art schools and conferences. But this year, I’ve viewed my desire to help and connect with a larger creative community a perfect fit for a podcast.


Introducing, The Graphic Sound. A (hopefully) weekly podcast about what I have learned and continue to learn in this career of graphic design. I’ll have monologue shows and discussions with creatives who also want to share their stories. This show comes from a hard-working passionate guy who wants you to learn to love what you create, and to enjoy the process of doing so.

So take a listen to The Graphic Sound. I hope you get something out of it, and I hope you enjoy your creativity a little bit more.



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