Draplin Drops Knowledge

Creative mornings is a fantastic lecture series, and is put together well enough that visiting the site, and checking the videos allows you to get an experience almost as good as actually being there.

One of my favorite designers, and one hell of a human being, Aaron Draplin, did a recent lecture in Portland. I’ve had the pleasure of having a quick conversation with Draplin, but watching his lecture was one of those moments where I realize that someone else sees things the same way as I do, and that someone is on the same team as I am, when it comes to design in general.

My favorite points of his are that of humility and entitlement. People have lost the genuine excitement of “creating something cool for someone” and have tacked on ridiculous invoices and expectations. After watching Draplin’s lecture, maybe you can sit back, take a deep breath, and realize you get to create art all day, and leave it alone.

Anyway, thanks, Draplin, for spelling it out for the design world. Respect.



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